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Stick Challenge

Posted By: Fay
Date: Thursday, 30 August 2012, at 11:15 p.m.

In Response To: Stick Challenge (Bill Phipps)

Bill, are you serious? You state that if there is a 50% chance that Stick cheats it should be tested.. Isnít that true for the entire backgammon community then? We all log on with the same 50% chance of cheating. So will this bet be for everyone that say they play to a certain PR, or is it only Stick because we all know ďhimĒ or at least his name?

I know this guy better than anyone else in the backgammon community would ever do.. I used to date him. I know better than anyone that he can be the biggest ass on this planet, but cheating is not him. I woke up in the middle of the night because he had figured out a new way to play down to golden.. Do you or anyone else live for the game? Do you spend your nights not making money, but analyzing to it until it makes you crazy? No you donít.. I know.. If you did, you would be as good as him.. !

You say itís not a witch hunt, but still you harass one of the people in the crowd.. Thatís all he is.. He is one of us. And one of the few, willing to use his time to learn a new player into the game. Honestly you should respect him for what he adds to the community, not hunt him. You will never hunt him down. I have seen him play online.. No.. Not from where you sit.. Sitting on his lap watching his every move.. Seeing analyzes after.. Seeing a number so low I only dream about it.. Do you have a cellar hiding with several computers only with xg on it? No, you donít. Because you will never be in that league..

I might be the one in here with the most reason to hate the man and everything he stands for, but this I know. Thatís not him!

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