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Stick Challenge

Posted By: Fay
Date: Friday, 31 August 2012, at 1:35 a.m.

In Response To: Stick Challenge (Bill Phipps)

Fay, in no way am I basing this on any assessment of Stick's character. I am basing it on Math and my understanding of backgammon.

Then why not every person in the world? We all have a 50% of cheating.. Stick might be one of the few that could cheat on this low lvl, but why him? We had this one before the event Rory had in Chicago if Iím right a year or two ago.. He and falafel played EVERY mach recorded.. Did we see this on site? No.. Or at least only in a small post.. The world donít want anyone that ďbeatsĒ the game..

The case goes like this. It is documented that Stick has been playing with a PR of 2.04 online. This number would make him the best player in the world by a mile. Forget Falafel, Mochy, Sander or anyone else. They will all tell you, they can't come close to that number. I am sure that some of these players work just as hard as Stick. Do you really think Stick is much, much better than they are?

Yes.. he is sick in that way.. He is competitive in a way you and I could not even talk about.. We both grew up in different ways.. Stick had a way that we can never even imagine.. Details would be giving him up in a way Iím not going to, but we are all different. Have you ever had that feeling down in the pit of your stomach saying ďyou have to to do this for YOUĒ? if not, try.. Might get you to the top..

Secondly- Stick has been playing with a PR of 4.2 in a sample of 22 live matches. This number is not particularly special.

Nope, but thatís live.. I play at 9 in live matcher, but around6-7 at home.. is there a reason? YOU FEEL SAFE!! I work in sales.. if I get a guy outside of his office for a meeting im basically fucked.. You need to feel safe to understand and realize on your own feelings.

How would you explain that discrepancy between live play and online play? No other top player comes close to having a discrepancy like that.

None other than stick of the top players ďliveĒ at home. If this would be a year of Stick traveling the world, we would never have this discussion. (This is the fact I hate most of all as he is living in the US , and Iím living in Norway)

It has been suggested that perhaps Stick is really a 2.8 PR player who has had a lucky run of playing well online. The odds of this happening after 50 matches are extremely unlikely. Over 100,000 -1 is my guess. It has been pointed out by Timothy Chow and others that it is scientifically dangerous to rely on these numbers, if they are taken after the fact. While that is true, any reasonable person would have to have serious doubts that this is what actually occurred.

Anything is possible.. all I can tell is my story.. I know by now its wrong, but it gives a tell.. When I came from Ohio after a week stay, all I could say was that Stick play at 1,5.. We both know this is wrong.. (Iím talking about me and him, I know you do) I sat up with this guy playing or him playing for a week. I played simple DMP with hi.. You ask if the move I wrong, he asked about how mutch.. We guessed, and after who knows how many matches, 20+, he never came out wrong. I took him one time.. with 0,13.. thatís what I have to be proud of.. J

So, we are left with 3 possibilities. Stick is by far the best player in the world, forget you Falafel, who happens to either choke enormously when he plays in recorded matches, - or, his results represent a severe statistical outlier , or, he is cheating.

In my eyes he is.. I have said this up to falafels face, and I would do it again. Preasure takes us all, but in the long run, Stick would win.. I have said this to falafel many times.. Itís a good thing.. itís what keeps this game alive.. If stick would have played half f the live tournaments Falafel did, you would know.. no one asked this kinds of questions when sticky was traveling..

Unlike you, I have not been intimate with Stick ( I can't help but feel a bit thankful for that). I am not in a position to make a character assessment. However, mathematically, I am forced to be highly suspicious.

Well. Can you say that your love donít know you? That she does not know who you are? Only love can bring out you true self.. (at least in my opinion) I hate this man with all my heart, but I love him none the less. I must say Iím grateful that you havenít been intimate with him :P

Now, I am trying to be fair. I am offering him a chance to clear this up. But so far, his reaction is not what I would expect from someone who is miles better than the next best player. If it were me, and I had a legitimate 2.0 PR, I would take on anyone who called me a cheat and use that 2.0 PR to beat them senseless. That is what I am asking Stick to do. Make me regret ever questioning him.

Falling under the man that is truly witch hunting him? Do the right thing.. do like any normal person with no hate for a single guy would do.. Send the guy a male.. If the game came up, well tell the world.. Donít do it like you try to save the world.. I will give you that there are loads of people out there that donít belive in his PR, but donít be a witch hunt.. The fact that you want to play him to se if he is up to his rep I like.. itís the hunt I just cant be in with..

But to be true with you, ill m\bet 500$ that he would go under 2,8 if he would ever turn up to the degradation you are up to!

Fine.. im in for the 500$ bet! Easy! But it is still up to him to do this degaradation bet.

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