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Stick Challenge

Posted By: Strato
Date: Friday, 31 August 2012, at 5:50 a.m.

In Response To: Stick Challenge (Bill Phipps)

This was an excellent post Bill. So you seem to be doing this for all the right reasons, reasons I respect and believe in. I just donít like Stick being accused of cheating because I donít believe he cheats. I donít like Stick that much but I do like him enough (LOL) because he so unique (in a whole bunch of ways, good and bad).

I could probably pick out and submit 50 matches from my online play that would show me to be a significantly better player online than live. For Ianchoís ranking list, does each player get to choose and submit his matches?

Here's the current problem Bill, Jake Jacobs mentions in a post further down that being proctored is the same as playing live, even if it is online. This I also believe to be true and if matters to others as well, then later some will argue that all your efforts were meaningless because the exact same conditions under which Stick performed previously, had been altered.

Maybe you should take up Stick's offer to have video cameras surrounding him. I think he said cameras donít bother him. Maybe there could be at least one that can capture a wider image of him on his computer and the surroundings, along with sound. That video could be taped separately, not streamed, and submitted later.

I am not trying to talk for Stick, it's just a suggestion - does that sound like a fair compromise to you?

By the way, I am curious about something Ė do you represent a group of players that want to get to the bottom of this? Or is it just you and youíre putting up all of the $10,000? (Please be honest.)

Last question - I was asked by someone: "What is the very most Bill Phipps is willing to bet that Jacob Rice is a cheater? And is Mr. Phipps willing to give odds?"

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