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For the New People - Please Read

Posted By: Stick
Date: Thursday, 18 January 2007, at 4:13 p.m.

A few of you are coming over from GoL to get your OLM fix and maybe I can suck you into sticking around. Wondering where the OLM is? It's right in front of you, I post it every day & the moves that led up to it. You want to vote you have to post. None of this silent majority swaying the vote, I want to 'hear' what you voted for and why.

Afterwards I'll make the matches available for anyone who wants them and all the rollouts too. The only problem will be the rollouts are separate files generally because I use Snowie to roll them out and I can very well decide what play you're going to make before you make it so I have to do them separately. I also do the rollouts, every day, so there's no need for anyone to do a rollout unless you're plain curious/can't wait/want to see another bot's results. [I will use GNU for rollouts when I think the decisions might be affected by the score]

I'm open to all suggestions and if the traffic gets to heavy here I may have to do something with the online match as there will be too many posts daily to keep stuff *neat & clean* looking.

I also promised in the beginning that if the Readers beat me in the match the Readers will then vote on whether they want me to pick one person to receive a 'prize' or they want everyone to get a prize. Obviously if everyone gets one the value of said prize is likely diminished but if it's one person, it could be something sweet, who knows...haven't thought that far ahead yet. The stipulation is that you have to vote though most of the time. Obviously nobody (cept me, postwhore!) can vote everyday, but I'll have a record of who voted how much and be able to tell if you 'qualify' or not.

That's it for now...again any & all suggestions welcome. I told myself if I started getting more people over here I'd add some more content to the actual site and anything else people want let me know.



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