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One thing I hate about BG

Posted By: Stick
Date: Sunday, 21 January 2007, at 3:02 p.m.

Last night I was supposed to play my 3rd round match for the GoL tourney against JLee (Jason). First we were going to play on Gamesgrid but since I don't have a membership there we could only play 3 pt. matches (what Jason told me @ least). Then we were going to play on FIBS. Well I installed 3DFibs and every time it tried to launch an error would occur and it would close down. Finally we decide on TMG.

We get on TMG and I was waiting around for him (not that he was late, I was early) so I was playing a lot of poker on the side. When he gets there I tell him "1 minute, gotta finish my poker tables". Then I said something else... still no response from him. So I thought to myself "hmmm.... kind of prickish! Fuck it.. I'll just keep playing poker while I play him bg". So instead of concentrating on the bg match w/Jason I played 3 poker tables and when the screen popped up I made my play at the backgammon table.

I won...w/out a doubt the worst I've played in any of the GoL matches and I won. For all I know Jason played at at E.T. level, I didn't pay attention, this is no knock against him because I have no clue how well he played, but I'm sure I played for shit and was rewarded. The first two matches in the GoL I concentrated, I tried to play well, and I was trounced. This one I don't even pay attention and I win. Part of what aggrivates me about backgammon, a fish like myself yesterday can beat someone...

Before I give Jason a bad rap after our match he still hadn't said a word (and he had seemed amicable in his emails). I check my email, there are 3 emails in there from him saying "I don't know why my chat isn't working on TMG, let me know if you get this...etc..." So it wasn't his fault, I'm the prick, and I was rewarded lol.


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