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BG Buddy auto-roll and illegal moves

Posted By: Boop
Date: Monday, 27 February 2017, at 1:02 p.m.

In Response To: BG Buddy auto-roll dice (Dmitriy Obukhov)

You are right, neither of the 2 illegal/legal move rules Iíve found on bkgm.com would cover an error discovered after the dice have been auto-rolled. Well, actually I canít tell if the Legal Moves Rule allows for correction after the next roll has occured or not.

Illegal Moves Rule: The standard rule in backgammon which says: If a player makes an illegal play, the opponent has the option of allowing the error to stand or requesting that it be corrected. He must make this request before rolling the dice to begin his own turn. Once a correction is requested, the illegal mover is free to make any legal play he chooses. Compare: Legal Moves Rule.


Legal Moves Rule: A rule that says that an illegal play should be pointed out by the opponent if he notices it, and such play corrected before the game continues. This is different from the usual rule giving the opponent the option of allowing an illegal play to stand. See post by Marc Gray. I wonder what the TDs/experts here would have to say.

I had a similar scenario to the autoroll problem while using precision dice. An error of great magnitude was only discovered after the next dice had been rolled. If there is a rule that covers it, wouldnít it cover the autoroll scenario too?

In a recent London Playerís League match my opponent hit one of my checkers and somehow placed her hitting checker on the bar instead of mine. I then proceeded to dance on a 1 point board by rolling 66 (although technically I wasnít on the roof - she was) - after which we noticed the error. According to the Illegal Moves Rule the play stands as I have rolled my dice. The Legal Moves Rule is unclear to me. But I doubt I could forgive myself if Iíd argued that her checker should remain on the bar and play should continue with the illegal play standing! Without full knowledge of the rules in how to correct this problem we decided to move the checkers to the legal position and we tossed a coin to decide whether the 66 should stand or be re-rolled.

It seems that rules will never cover 100% of disputes - as many of you have discussed here concerning Legal/Illegal Moves Rules: http://www.bkgm.com/rgb/rgb.cgi?view+1164

A little pragmatism and fair play is sometimes called for.

Maybe the players should have to agree before the match to use autoroll, and also agree a rule that if an illegal move is noticed after computer dice have autorolled, the roll should be ignored, illegal play corrected, and the dice should be rolled again. This of course will be as open to dishonestly pretending that you haven't noticed the illegaly move when it benefits you, as with other scenarios discussed in the link above (which remain unresolved) but at least some parameters for the resolution of illegal moves before an autoroll will have been set.

Also, as autoroll is optional, it could be for the TD to decide whether or not it can be used.

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