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Observations on the Boston Open--dont agree

Posted By: Colin Owen
Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2017, at 5:09 p.m.

In Response To: Observations on the Boston Open--dont agree (Phil Simborg)

You are most probably right that no one can put (fair) dice into the Dice Scrambler by hand and influence the result. Even if someone could influence the probabilities in this way, it would surely be by only a small degree, and nothing like what was possible with some of the baffle boxes at the old Cavendish West club.

But, as gets brought up by posters during discussions about randomness, it is really about confidence in the process. If I preferred to roll straight from a cup onto the board, then I would feel happier about entering a Baffle Box Preference event if either party could also require (lipped) cups. Two reasons. One, I like to use a cup, and also shake the dice. Two, I wonder how good the baffle box that my opponent requires us to use really is. And - particularly if it doesn't look especially good at mixing up the dice - how much practice they've had at rolling into it from the hand. Hopefully, my occasional doubts here may be misplaced but, in case they aren't, I'd like to be able to also require cups with the box, and lipped ones at that.

With the great majority of tournaments being Baffle Box Option, that is that both players must agree before it's used (by both players), the reality is that if the player who is consenting to the box doesn't want to use a cup as well, he can get his wish. Otherwise, he may decide that he won't be using the box at all. This means that it is up to the baffle box owner to obtain a good one (I believe nearly all of them are), and consider adding things to it to help deflect the dice as they descend.

The best rule is, I believe, that cups must be used with the box, unless both players agree otherwise.

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