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NEW BOOK: Backgammon - Pure Strategy

Posted By: Marc Olsen
Date: Wednesday, 8 March 2017, at 11:42 a.m.

In Response To: NEW BOOK: Backgammon - Pure Strategy (neilkaz)

I get your points. The thing is, this book is less than a week old, so nobody has had time to read it yet, except the proof reader. And Amazon will provide a "look inside the book" feature for the first 20 pages or so, but apparently it takes a some weeks for this feature to appear. Hopefully "reviews" and comments of the book will organically start to come up, when people have had time to read it.

Here are some of my considerations: My last book "From basics to badass" was a book for the masses. Of course it contained content for the advanced and expert player as well, but the target group was everybody who wants to start taking backgammon seriously. And especially players who are outside of the backgammon community and who's never read a backgammon book before. Therefore we put endorsements on the back cover from three big players and I've been promoting it as a highly "commercialized" product.
Pure Strategy however, is not a "commercial" book. It's a book for the advanced or expert player, who wants to find some inspiration of understanding the game. Like my friend Tue Rasmussen told me: this is like the master's thesis I never went on to make at the uni.
My worry about posting singular pages is, that it will be confusing to read without the full context. In contrast to my old book, where each page or section could be read in a vacuum. So I'd prefer not to do so.

Another thing: this is a snap shot of my current understanding of the game. I will definitely improve on some of the ideas and perhaps discard other ideas. So I encourage debate and criticism of the ideas, so we can improve them together, this is how scientific progress is made.

I would regard this book as a scientific (or pseudo scientific) paper on backgammon. And if you are really interested in backgammon theory, you will for sure find it interesting and entertaining. Even if you don't agree or don't improve your understanding of the game, you will still be challenged on the way to think and understand the game. And this gives you material to criticize and debate. So either way, it will be an interesting read for the advanced player and better. The last part of the book contains 129 quiz positions. So even if you think the content was completely useless, you will still have 129 quizes to have fun with :)

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