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A interesting problem, yes, but certainly not a poor ace-point game at DMP

Posted By: Jim Stutz
Date: Saturday, 10 November 2018, at 10:58 p.m.

In Response To: 22 to play in poor ace-point game (David Levy)

White’s game is actually more promising here (especially ATS) than a prototypical well timed ace-point game, when the anchor on the 24 is primed and the only plan is to hit and contain a checker in the bearoff. Despite White’s inflexible forward position and crummy timing, Black’s open bar point together with her two stragglers deep the outfield, one of which is currently under attack, give White lots of extra forward-going win chances. Indeed, White should set aside the usual deep-anchor plan and play to win going forward, hitting and containing one or both of Black’s outfield stragglers before she gets home safely, and meanwhile escaping off the 24 with a couple of 6’s. It follows that White doesn’t want to get hit, even though getting hit would improve timing. A third checker back, stuck behind a 5-prime or moldering on the bar, would trivialize White's forward-going win chances. So, how best to play 2-2 with this strategy in mind? I’ll try hitting 9-7 and then reduce the return shots by keeping the outfield checkers linked up on the 10 and 8, moving the attacking blot to start the 5 point (which I will likely need to win the game), and switching the 6 point to the 4. Good things might happen. For one, Black might dance, giving White a chance to make his 5 point and then escape the back checkers with a couple of prompt 6’s.

Nice problem David – thanks for posting.

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