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American Backgammon Association

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Wednesday, 3 June 2009, at 4:54 p.m.

Ok how about this?

Non-profit organization: American Backgammon Association

Membership fee: $100

Founding Father: $500 or $1000

Annual dues: $????

It's absolutely ridiculous that nobody is keeping STATS for ABT events. Crazy dumb, imho. We have a plethora of out of work, and working, computer nerds who could develop a database or an Excel program to track basic statistics for ABT events.

One problem directors have is sponsorship, or lack thereof. ABA could "sponsor" ABT events... and perhaps provide the Winners trophy.

Top 10 at the end of the year would be like: All Americans

We could have a Player of the Year, based on MWP, or an ELO system established by the computer guy/backgammon player who comes up with the system.

Perhaps we pay that person $1000, or better yet we "bid out" the job.

I am thinking that the Rob Meier's, and Sam Pottles or Rod Covlins of our community would bid. Data entry should be a paid position, and directors should be paid $100 to gather statistics. Not a ton of $$ but something for the guys doing the work.

For instance: Chicago Open

Larry Taylor 5-0 (he had a bye) Me 5-1 Bill Davis 4-1 Scott Casty 4-1

etc. etc. etc.

all Championship and Consolation matches count. I would include last chance but some might not because they don't participate... but if they counted that would stimulate participation.

An excel sheet could track cumulative statistics. Prizes such as Player of the Year based on a minimum number of matches played, yada yada yada.

Have someone with NO LIFE, (like me or Stick), be the president. Have a treasurer...

Honorary members like CJC and Bill Davis, who publicize events in their newsletters.

Give two to five hundred sponsor money to each and every ABT event, or perhaps ten to twenty dollars per player...

Rob Meier currently works in bridge leagues, and he might be interested in bidding on the project. I could auction it off or something. Munitz might want to do it, or anyone else with legitimately sick/stick computer skills.

Plaques to top 10 All Americans

You know, stuff like that!

Established pros who work should consider becoming a founding father and give back to American Backgammon.

ONLY the ABT event is "sanctioned", not high stakes events like Masters or side events like blitz and doubles... Everyone plays in the ABT event.

Assign membership numbers, for tracking purposes... and data entry.

You computer guys tell me how.

I am off for the US Open now.


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