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An open letter to SHG management

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Monday, 19 October 2009, at 6:33 p.m.

First of all, I don't hide behind any veil of secrecy as some do here and everything I will now state may be quoted in entirety.

"While, many players and most certainly myself are very thankful to have a great online site like SHG, continued issues with dice that aren't 100% random are raising great concerns.

Recently a problem with a serious lack of doubles was discovered and a fix (version .28) was put in place and data analysed from that showed that the doubles were occuring as often as expected. However, now it seems that newer versions again have issues with the dice. I don't need to show the statistics to prove that the occurance of doubles 15.3% rather than 16.7% over a sample of 52,000 rolls is almost a mathematical impossibility.

Recently I have seen statistics about sequencing of SHG dice which have shown that in some versions (pardon me for not keeping track, but a new one comes out almost every day now) the chances of repeating the previous roll are not as much as they should be.

Obviously these dice issues must be resolved or SHG will continue to lose credibility as an online BG site. I don't have to tell you how trivial it is for a programmer to use a RNG and insure dice that are much more random than what SHG's have been under most versions lately.

It is with many regrets that I now publically will ask SHG management if they are listening to the cries of newbies who complain "I just lost because he rolled 4 doubles in 6 rolls" or "I can't believe that I rolled 3 bad 65's in a row" and altering the random dice generation coding to "shape" dice rolls or to tone down or juice up the game.

Initially SHG courted W/C players like myself and gave us special symbols next to our names. Some BG legends even have statements online. The reason you don't have a statement from me is that I could never find a link to email one.

Now I do have a statement for SHG and it is blunt. Since everyone knows that it is basically trivial to provide online dice that are almost certainly 100% random, SHG must do so in all rooms immediately or mark rooms with non random dice as such. If, for some reason, SHG cannot find the "bug" in the dice code, I suggest that they let Michael Petch look at the RNG dice code. If SHG cannot insure that any dice roll I ever have in rated or any of the competitive rooms isn't 100% random I will leave the site never to return.

I do expect that if I leave SHG, that some other players and especially W/C ones will also leave.

Online BG server dice must be 100% random and every roll for both players must be 100% independent of previous rolls. If any online site cannot provide this I will find other places to play.

SHG... the decision is your's to make"

.. neilkaz ..

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