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Naccel pip numbering diagram test 2

Posted By: Matt Ryder
Date: Tuesday, 12 January 2010, at 7:03 a.m.

In Response To: Naccel pip numbering diagram test (Nack Ballard)

Hi Nack,

Here's a a new test of potential Naccel 2 diagram numbering for your viewing pleasure:


 ' '2X2X2X2X ' '1X '2O5O

1X2O '1X '4O '2O ' ' '4X



As regards your specific requests:

Please remove the plusses from the near-side outer board, making them simply 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And yes, please continue with 7 through 18 on the other side (again, no plusses, of course).


(1) Lengthen the minus signs (e.g. en-dashes instead of hyphens) for the -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 set


(2) Change either the background behind the "0" from blue to black, or the "0" itself from white to black. Assuming you get at least a semi-decent contrast, also replace the 6 with "1," the 12 with "2," and the 18 with "3." And, if all that works, can you put a similarly formatted "-1" to the left of the -5 (under the bearoff tray)?


(3) Make the bar (roof) up to 40% thinner (the width of one checker). In that case, the word "bar" can be removed (preferably), reduced, or even spill onto the playing surface.

Not done yet. I have two concerns with this proposal: 1. It's quite a bit of work involving several different graphical elements and the size shift may somehow screw up the diagram spacing. 2. The overall board size will differ from other standard diagrams, so they won't line up if placed underneath each other.

It is possible though, so if you're keen I can give it a bash.

(4) Is it possible to display the sixth checker on a point above the fifth? (It's okay if it means six-stack is overridden or disabled when the dice or cube would be in the way.)

Not done. I would really advise against this proposal as it's a standard across all backgammon bots to show a maximum of five checkers and then start stacking. Displaying six will be visually confusing if there are six of the same colour on the opposing point (it may be difficult to distinguish how many are on each individual point). Plus as you say, it might get in the way of cube or dice elements.

(5) Is it possible that checkers not on the board can be optionally not shown at all instead of always defaulting to the bear-off tray?

Yes, this is possible.

Here's an example:

 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

 ' ' ' ' ' ' '3O '3O ' '
Empty bearoff trays3

The trick is to manually edit the img src="../Images/o_w_n.gif and img src="../Images/o_b_n.gif tags, replacing n with 0. These images define the number of checkers in the bearoff trays for blue and white. In general, if you change the digit in the image references, it will display that number of checkers in the graphic (within a range of 0-15). Play around with this to see what I mean.

(6) Create a second diagram with point numbers reversed (used to help teach White counts), and this is a request whether any of (1) through (5) is doable. I would imagine it's mostly a matter of swapping the codes in the point-numer lines.

Not done yet. I just want to make sure you're happy with the way I'm doing things. Then I'll mirror it for white.

What do you think overall?


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