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Posted By: Stick
Date: Sunday, 27 May 2007, at 4:01 p.m.

By far the worst run of short term luck I've ever experienced (and I'm sure it's not over yet) I've lost at backgammon [I'm 1-6 in matches and I played in a chouette tonight where the hardest decisions I had were "is it a double or a beaver?" and lost 20 points playing for dimes, mostly thanks to the last 30 minutes & getting gammoned on a 16 cube] I've lost at blackjack, and I don't mean lost a little bit, I'm talking a truckload. In theory, if the house had the 1% advantage they're supposed to have at the game I'm playing I would have to wager around $100,000 to lose $1,000 ... trust me, I've wagered nowhere near that and lost more than that. After that there's poker ... rofl... good ole poker. I've been playing low stakes but I couldn't beat a blind monkey if you dealt him two cards. I even went and played Bingo for two hours and couldn't catch a number!

I won't rant on the COUNTLESS UNBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELIEVABLE backgammon/poker stories. I've seen a lot, esp. pokerwise, and when I have 69 suited, flop comes 578 complete rainbow, someone bets into it, I push the hand hard (raise/bet whenever I can) and I lose to not one...but TWO stronnnnnnng playas who were both playing TQ off, yes, TQ, it's time to go to the local pawn shop & get the gun. The best part of it was I couldn't even call down the river, the board came 57869. Best part? I can't even call down on the river when one guy bets out into it, I know he has it, I fold, other guy raises him. After that the one guy procedes to tell me that he thought I was on a "high pocket pair" and that's why he called two bets on the flop. OH... that makes a tonnnnnnnnnnnn of sense. You put me on a 'high pocket pair', you have TQ off on a rainbow 578 board, and you call because... you can catch what card to help you if your genius insight is correct?

I have my last chance match in 3 hours, I think Neil plays Kit tomorrow in some Jackpot, that's about all the interesting shit I know that's going on. I haven't been in the bg room much since I didn't even have to play on Saturday because I'd lost everything before then.

I'm done with my rant for now and you'd better hope I don't get free time to post position after position or poker hand after poker hand. (would have done the poker hand thing already except pokerhand.org, what I used to post hands, is apparently no more for the time? lol...my luck this week :) Two people THREW CHAIRS tonight in our chouette and neither of them was me!? This is how insane the luck bullshit was. I won't name any names but one of them is clearly recognized as a world class player. He tossed it over two tables and it hit quite nicely upon landing. I felt like doing it too(as I was his partner at the time) but since I probably would have chose the window to throw my chair at it's best I remained calm.

End rant ... for now ... sorry you wasted your time reading this pofs.


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