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Vegas Up Til Now - Long

Posted By: Stick
Date: Monday, 4 June 2007, at 2:33 p.m.

I thought I'd take a minute and fill you fine folks who have nothing better to do during your day than read my dribble in on the highlights, and lowlights, of Vegas up to this point.


Sadly enough the only 'good' game I've found is in the very casino I'm now staying (Circus Circus) I have been up & down & round & round the strip and the games are either 1 deck with 6-5 blackjack payoffs, shitty rules for doubling (only on 10 or 11), etc... or they're 6 to 8 deck shoes. Here I have a cushy two deck game with a deck to a deck & 1/2 penetration depending on the dealer and it always is open. [best game in all of Vegas and nobody is sitting at it, says a lot about the pigeons that flock here] I've been doing fairly well daily at this game, taking a hundred to four hundred, leaving before I've been there an obnoxious amount of time or anyone has given me any real heat. I was kicked & banned from this very casino/game last year, around the same time, and I've even seen two of the pit bosses that were there at the time still working. They don't remember me in the slightest.


Live poker is nothing compared to online poker. I can barely stand to play live poker. It was fun donking around for a day or two but for any real poker play there isn't one reason I can see I'd play live versus online. I'll compile a quick list off the top of my head of reasons why online play are better than live play:

  • Do you ever see anyone act out of turn online?
  • Do you ever see dealer mistakes online?
  • How many hands an hour do you play live v. online?
  • Do you have to tip the dealer on top of the house rake online?
  • How much easier is it to find any game you want online compared to, why on earth would you bother, get a cab, go to a good casino, and hope to get in a good game.
  • People will not make the same donk-a-donk moves live as they will online. They have to face the music when they're face to face. There are still terrible players, but nothing like what you'll experience online when they can checkbluff off as many of their chips as they feel like because it works 1/20 times and they feel like Chris Ferguson after it does. They have nobody to answer to, nobody can actually look at them and laugh right in their face. They feel much safer making idiotic plays.
  • Comfort. In so many ways online wins by letting me read, surf, post, eat, movies, radio, phone, etc... that could be a list in and of itself.
  • Live -- take a fuckin' shower you stanky ass slobs. I don't care how late you were out partying like a rock star the last couple of nights, if you don't bathe I'm gonna offer Chan $25 for his orange and sniff on that instead of your beyond BO BO. [this could very well be listed under comfort too, but I thought it deserved its own bullet]
  • Chip tricks. I get so tired of seeing Shamoo the killer donk and his new shuffle or Free Willy of all his bankroll and the new twirl or hearing that sound of entire rooms full of people shuffling chips. Yippie for you, you wasted a ton of time at home to look cool for other people. So did I, I can do any chip trick you can do (and better!) and I'll give you 50-1 you never see me do a single one. Hell, if you catch me on camera I might even fumble them just for fun ;) [I bet I shuffle backgammon pieces more than poker chips, I don't know why...lol]
  • If I want to sit with $10,000 at a $15/30 game online I can. If I want to berate/curse/mock any of the players online I can. Live game it's a no no, like they'd give me 10k in chips to sit at 3/6!? I'm sure there are plenty more reasons but those are the first 10 that came to me, feel free to add your own, or argue feebly for live games.


  1. Not once but twice now I have been overpaid at the cashier. I am very sure about both times. I was stone sober, counted my chips when I went up there, heard the cashier say the total, recounted twice while I was standing there staring at the chips, took the money, left, reconstructed the chips (knowing how many of which color were laid out for me to see plain as day) for my friend, coming up with the same figure. Total amount overpaid? $55
  2. There's a 'new' table game called Texas Hold em Bonus. The house makes an absolute killing on this game because I have not seen one person (aside from myself of course) who gets anywhere near perfect strategy for this game. It's plain sick to watch others try to play it, not knowing what hands to play, when to bet .. it physically hurts. Anyway, I'm sure w/'perfect play' the house still has an edge but certain edges can be overcome if you have dealers who don't realize a flush beats two of a kind (450 dollar swing, tx!), or others that can't count red chips and constantly overpay me. I can not count the number of times a dealer has mispaid me this trip. I never misread my hand and I never get underpaid (yup, I said it, NEVER), but when they do it woe is me if I forget to correct them.
  3. Same game, second verse. There is a 'bonus' bet which might as well read 'sucker's bet' for any casino game, a bonus bet is terrible equity for the player, great for the house. True in most cases. In this game if you place a bet, anywhere from $1 - $200 before you get your two cards, you're paid 3-1 on pairs from two to tens, 5-1 on jacks & queens, blah blah, from AJ unsuited to AA, all different payouts. My friend who will remain nameless picked up AK suited and the way the game works is you put out a bet preflop if you want to see it. Well this preflop bet happens to be hovering right by the bonus bet, so he simply dropped a fiver on there. Nobody noticed, he got paid. Nobody in their right mind bets anything but $1 or $5 on these things. Well, we go to a different casino and he picks up KK. This time he shoves out THIRTY FUCKIN' DOLLARS IN RED CHIPS, THAT'S SIX REDS, on the bonus. This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beyond obvious I could barely contain myself. He's never bet the bonus and POOF! all of a sudden he bets 30 bucks, which nobody ever does, and KA-BOOM, king king!? ROFL... dealer? Didn't notice. He had to call the pit boss over to tell him he was paying out so much on the bonus. You know what the pit boss did? Not a damn thing. What a bunch of dumb schmucks. How people can be so stupid will never cease to amaze me ...

I am cutting this short, there are plenty more stories but I'm worn out remmebering them. More anecdotes than full fledged stories...but later I promise. My friend has left now and the poker begins for me tomorrow. My first world series of poker event and 'clubs' begin tonight.


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