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Posted By: Stick
Date: Sunday, 10 June 2007, at 7:00 a.m.

Let me summarize event #16, the HORSE $2500 buyin in one simple phrase ... "I didn't wake up" loll... so there are the results of that. I hadn't bought in yet so no big deal, I was still uberpissed because I kept waking up every 1/2 hour and thinking no big deal, still have time to sleep some more. My schedule wasn't fit for a 5pm starting time like I said, but the last alarm I remember going off was 3pm, then I woke up and poof, it's 5:15. So that's down the shitter. I may go home after only one event because I don't really want to play anything that's coming up soon ...

Jump back to event #9, the one I actually woke up for. It was Omaha hi/lo split, $1500. Ended up being 690 entrants which comes out to FT = $18K, and 1st being 225K. I played decent but not spectacular. There are a couple hands I'm still iffy about, and I busted out somewhere around #200. The first hour I played one hand, the second hour I played 5, but split one, scooped one, and lost the other 3. I finally picked up some momentum in hour 3 and busted out right before the end of the day. (started @5pm, ended @3am)

The good part about this was the kid sitting to my right. His name was Bryan and it was also his first WSOP event. He is 21 and plays poker for a living online. We were talking about the complete fish (which I'll get to in a minute) at our table. We talked the first couple of hours and at one point in hour 3 he asked me if I wanted to do a %. At the time I had 9k in chips, well over the average, and he had 12k, he was not only getting cards but playing them good as I got to see basically every hand he was in. Sounded like a good deal to me esp. since he had that many chips!

Day two, the day til they played down to the final table, I didn't attend. I figured if he ITM I may or may not make the effort to get that little bit of cash. But low and behold that night I look online for the update and my horse has made the final table! Day 3 I go...he plays well, ends up busting on a cooler of sorts but he was shortish anyway, and places 5th, $43,xxx. That means $2150 for me and profit for my first WSOP event lol. Thanks Bryan, I'll plaster his picture and the forty-three grand he took IN CASH later.

The highlight of my first WSOP table had to be this chump who came strutting over. He was a stain more than anything, mixed with a little chode. Total frat boy look, which I can forgive, except in his case he was wearing a WSOP bracelet and a WPT ring. He was all tan, hair spiked up frat style, shorts, buff, lookin' Cartman sweeeeeeeet. He let it be known that he won this very event last year and he definitely plays it because it is his 'best game'. I'm glad I was at the exact opposite end of the table because before he even sat down I was rippin' on this kid. Who in the name of fuck wears their bracelet to the WSOP? Rofl... I really couldn't stop laughing, and was honestly happy to have him at our table. There's no way he was a solid player, simply no way in Hades. Needless to say in hour 3 I busted him and last year's champ was on his way. God I wish I had a picture... so hard to describe, but entertaining nonetheless.

We had another guy, let's call him "old guy who has no clue what is what in Omaha 8" who was beyond terrible. How/why do these people even enter? In the first two hours he was bust, and he paid off everybody just calling w/absolutely less than nothing. Like I said, I was card dead the first couple of hours so I basically got none of his chips but jesus, I wish I had some of the HH of hands he called down with.

That's all for now ... I'm thinkin' about leavin' Vegas since I'm semi-bored and missed my HORSE event. Time to check on a plane ticket.



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