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Crawford Backgame

Posted By: Ian Dunstan
Date: Tuesday, 19 June 2007, at 10:22 a.m.

The score is: Mradica 2, The Dice Man 8 (match to 9 points, Crawford game)

Move: The Dice Man to play 41


2O1O2O2X2X3X2X ' '1X2X2O

 ' ' '1O2O4O1X1O ' ' '2X

The Dice Man187

Position ID: 2G40gwBoTzCANQ Match ID: 8AkmASAAQAAA

The Dice Man moves 8/7* 6/2

Mislav has me on the the ropes in this game of our study match. A rollout probably isn't coming because I don't particularly trust either Bot at this score.

Human opinions welcome. BTW, here is what I wrote about my play for our match.

41: 8/7* 6/2

Kamikaze! I'm sure Gnubg will hate my play, and I'm far from sure I know what is best.

Since you have made your bar pt my backgame timing is very suspect. I don't want you to make your 8pt as well and strangle me behind a 5prime. I may not be able to stop you doing this, but the idea of my play is to restrict you from doing this easily on your next roll. If gammons counted (much) I would play the more sedate 23/22 8/4 and hope you didn't roll something that made your 8pt or 9pt. Maybe that is the right approach anyway.

Apart from my play I could have tried 8/7*/3 which has a similar theme to my actual play. However, I figured that if I was going to go kamikaze I may as well go the whole way and unstack my heavy 6pt and leave more blots.

Another idea is to move into a 23 backgame and play 24/23 8/4. I didn't like this so much since my spare doesn't have an escape route from your ace pt.

Hopefully we will get an interesting game out of all these blots I leave ;-)

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