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Crawford backgame - part 4

Posted By: Ian Dunstan
Date: Saturday, 23 June 2007, at 3:55 a.m.

The score is: Mradica 2, The Dice Man 8 (match to 9 points, Crawford game)

Move: The Dice Man to play 51


 '1O '2X2X3X2X2X '1X ' '

2X2O1X3O3O2O2O1O ' '1O '

The Dice Man99

Position ID: 2G4TADLmbosAEA Match ID: 8IkmASAAQAAA

The Dice Man moves 23/22 8/3*

Well, it is not a backgame any more, but my 51 was interesting. Here is what I wrote about it to Mislav, FWIW.

15: 23/22* 8/3

This looks like a critical decision to get right. If I make my 3pt and you enter with a 1, there is a chance you would have to crack your frontal position and let me out. That doesn't look to be too promising since you are quite flexible and you only come on with an ace 11/36.

If I make my 3pt I can't rely on you letting me out at the rear, so I have to find a 1 and 6. I estimate that I would need an average of 4 rolls to get out of your homeboard. If I could make my 3pt and have my spares sitting back on my 13pt I might have the time to roll a 1 and 6 before cracking my homeboard. As it stands, my homeboard will only look pretty for a couple of rolls and then it is gone.

I need that 1 badly to escape, so I step up to your 4pt. That only leaves me the 5 to play 8/3*. If you roll a 35, 36 or 32 I'm in really big trouble again, but if you roll one of the other 3's I still have some hope. I might anchor quickly and you might have trouble leaping my mini 4prime and have to crack your frontal blockade.

A 3 is the most interesting continuation of this game, I hope you roll it.

I didn't really look at Mislav's 3 responses as closely as I should, 35 should probably be played as a double hit, not a hit and leap as I originally saw it. How best to play some of Mislav's '3' responses are problems in themselves.

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