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Can Anybody Here

Posted By: Rich Munitz
Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2011, at 5:11 a.m.

In Response To: Can Anybody Here (Bob Koca)

Since B will also be redoubling, it can be tightened further:

Match to 2^(n+1) points. A is winning 2^n to 0 and is holding a 2^n cube in a gin race.

Well, it still seems like cheating to be considering the possibility of someone taking in a gin race. But maybe it doesn't have to be gin. The scores described is as lopsided as it gets. By taking, B can reship to 2^(n+2) and play for the match. Meanwhile, B only stands to lose only 1 point more than if he passes. So the takepoint can get arbitrarily low and a near-gin position could probably still be taken.

Here is a position that satisfies all criteria imposed so far and hits the bulls eye. It is not gin, not a bear off as the player on roll may not be able to bear off a checker, and not an invalid cube (actually not a cube at all as XGR+ evaluates the position as ND/T). I didn't bother to roll it out, but regardless, I am sure the position could be played with to find something else extremely close based on rollouts.

is Player 2

score: 32
pip: 28
65 point match
pip: 101
score: 0

is Player 1
on roll, cube action?

Analyzed in XG Roller+
Player Winning Chances: 99.99% (G: 6.65% B: 0.00%)
Opponent Winning Chances: 0.01% (G: 0.00% B: 0.00%)
Cubeless Equities
No Redouble:+1.000
Cubeful Equities
No Redouble:+1.000
Redouble/Take:+1.000 (0.000)
Redouble/Drop:+1.000 (+0.000)
Best Cube action: No Redouble / Take

eXtreme Gammon Version: 1.21, MET: Rockwell-Kazaross

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