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Defense of Joe's speed of play and late night matches...

Posted By: Bill Finneran
Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2011, at 3:54 p.m.

In Response To: Favorable Review of Lynn Ehlich's Great Tournament in NJ (Paul Weaver)

1) Joe's speed of play - - - I am not going to defend Joe's attempt to steal your action. Even though Joe lives two blocks from me, you (Paul) have known him longer...but in regards to Joe's slowing down the play... I have played many matches against Joe in the last 12 years or so and in a recent local chouette Joe hosted at his building. He was my doubles partner in NY so I do respect his game and his friendship to share risk with him.

Joe is not one that I would consider a slow player. We quickly agreed on most plays/cube actions in two 7 pointers in the doubles. One that we had a slight discussion on that I considered too loose I made the comment that he "play that one later in a $20s chouette" and he graciously made the play I recommended w/o further discussion.

2) Late matches - - - There were a few of us that did have to play some late matches. I had a match with Jason Lee that did not end until 1AM Saturday night/Sunday. I heard discussion of another match that did not end until 3AM Friday night/Saturday. But I take the attitude that I am happy to still be alive enough that late matches are required even though they are not my preference. The later start times (again not my preference) in the morning because of the extra day in the schedule help mitigate the lack of rest problem as well as a unisom to make sure sleep is achieved.

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