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How do I improve cube handling?

Posted By: Stick
Date: Tuesday, 11 January 2011, at 11:08 p.m.

In Response To: How do I improve cube handling? (RealNick)

  1. Always play money game sessions until you've improved to the point you can move on to match play. You will know when this is if you're serious about improving. Your PR will also reflect it.

  2. Master all the basic cube reference positions. Kit's book is a good place to start. You should study tons of early game cubes, blitzing cubes, holding game cubes, X men off and your opponent hits a shot, prime v. prime, racing cubes etc... these should all seem easy to you after some study.

  3. While studying those positions note both the win % and gammons won, this will be important to put into use later. You don't need to memorize every reference position in the world, having a good general idea will be enough. Being able to estimate gammons both won and lost seems to be a critical skill that most people don't have that I think hurts their cube decisions the most.

  4. Play XG a lot and figure out which way your cube errors are leaning. Doubling too early/late, taking too deep, passing too soon, not playing on when you should, not realizing the volatility or lack thereof in a position, etc... One weakness often relates to another. Too optimistic or too pessimistic, figure out which, convert to a realist.

You can always do things when you're bored like read articles on cubing or search the forums for the word 'cube' or 'double' and go through those problems and see how you do. These positions will already have rollouts attached to the thread so once you decide on your cube action you can move on and see how you did. Don't just nod your head and move on, check the numbers and try to figure out why you got it wrong if you went astray.


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