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Unlawful Internet Gambling Enformement Act - SPA

Posted By: Stick
Date: Friday, 6 October 2006, at 8:49 p.m.

First of all I'd like to let Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Inc. know that I think they're a jolly band of cocksuckers. Having to sneak antigaming legislation into a bill that has nothing to do with gaming legislation is top notch. The Safe Port Act provides over $3 billion for US port security and let's throw in there making it illegal for banks to send money to internet gaming sites. Weasels.

It also attacks third parties, or intermediaries, such as Neteller. [love Neteller btw!] Hopefully Neteller will keep its backbone (unlike Partypoker and a slew of others who folded before the President even signed the bill). The US gov't has no right whatsoever to not allow my bank to process my funds to a business located outside of the United States. Neteller is a legitimate business used by over 2 million people and if I want to send money there and then buy something off Ebay, pay for a vacation, or buy some uranium to build my own H-bomb there shouldn't be two shits & a giggle that they can do about it. So why worry? Well ... Party backed out 'more or less' because they're traded on the London Stock exchange and Neteller is publically traded on the London AIM Exchange I fear the same fate. If Neteller disappears I know others will sprout up, where there's money there's business and business will be good if you can jump through the loopholes.

One thing I cannot stress enough is that playing poker online is completely legal! All this gimp bill tries to do is enforce laws (such as the Wire Act of 1961) that are already in place. The Wire Act has nothing to do with playing poker online, if it did don't you think someone might have had charges brought on them in the last...oh, say decade? Just because Gimp Maj. Leader Bill Get Fisted Inc. takes the stance that it is illegal doesn't mean it actually is. This should be no big deal at all as most of the poker players I know haven't been using the credit card to poker site method in quite some time. Most of us use a 3rd party such as Neteller or Firepay already. The new bill is trying to make it harder for us to get money to the poker sites, but again, it's not illegal so get fucked.

Let's also consider for a minute how delusional is the US Congress right now? It's a little word I like to call "jurisdiction". What are you going to do if these offshore companies don't follow your new bill? Rofl...nothing. You can't tell offshore companies how to govern their land, how to run their businesses, they have their own laws, surprised you didn't know that? Given everything mentioned above I can not believe some of the poker sites have pussied out. What for? Why?? You pulled out, your stock plummeted, you lost millions of dollars ... why??

That's all for now, I'm sure I'll have more to bitch about later.


Read the SPA for yourself

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