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I help to organize the local New England backgammon Club (NEBC) tournaments in the Boston area. An avid $/chouette player, I've been getting more interested in traveling to tournaments in recent years, and regularly attend the NY Metro, San Antonio, Merit Open (Cyprus), and perhaps one or two other events per year.

I learned backgammon in Lake Geneva Wisconsin in the 70's when I was around 12, and having digested Bruce Becker's 'Backgammon for Blood' was able to outplay my 7th grade math teacher (who hadn't read anything). Periods of intense interest in $ play -- high school friends playing for $.25 a pt, an Edinburgh cafe called Negociants, and a thriving scene in Harvard Square in the 90's -- alternated with dry spells where no game was to be had.

One of my current backgammon projects is a Filemaker Pro database I've designed for storing positions under a variety of headings and reference positions which I can then upload to an iPad for quizzing purposes.

Nowadays I play frequently in the Boston area and welcome anyone passing through town to drop me a line for a game! [Lasst Updated 2017] Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.