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I retired a year ago from working for IBM as a specialist in telecommunications and the Internet and now have a number of part-time jobs which I thoroughly enjoy. However my passion is backgammon which I have played for thirty five years and which I play on-line most days and play 'live' once a week in the Battersea chouette in London.

I am the author of seven books: "Backgammon - An Independent View"; "What Colour is the Wind?"; "Backgammon to Win"; "Second Wind"; "Backgammon for Dummies"; "Wind Assisted" and "The WInd of Change".

I have my own web site where you will find a challenging position of the day, details of my books and the tuition that I offer.

My wife, Gill, and I run the backgammon section of the Roehampton Club in south-west London and the club competes in the London Backgammon league.

My daughter, Kate, aged 25 is an an up and coming player. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.