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My given name is the same as my post name (well, officially it's 'Charles'). I live in Stick's superior neighbor state (Indiana) where I was born and spent 49/53 years. I learned to play backgammon during the 70's boom (specifically in 1975). I'm better known for my writing than my play, but I'm not ashamed of either.

I don't play much online (c_ray on FIBS, but only play in David Escoffery's tournaments). I will be getting on PartyGammon soon, though, attempting to qualify for the big tournament. I enjoy face-to-face tournament play and attend 3 to 6 weekend tournaments a year. I practically NEVER play $-style (one-on-one nor chouettes). I dabble at poker (not currently online) and there so far only in tournament style NLH. I know how to play bridge and was a tournament player in the 70's (200+ ACBL points) but found that backgammon was a better fit for my skills.

I used to have a more/less conventional 9-5 job. I was an experimental physicist (non-teaching faculty) at Indiana University in Bloomington. My research was in three areas: particle astrophysics ("cosmic ray physics" being the historical name), space-based observational imaging and spectroscopic astronomy, and neutrino physics.

As of July 2010 I am self-employed in a partnership venture (ViMASS: Virtual Marketing Analytics and Sports Systems) with backgammon player Frank Frigo.

I'm married (Terri) but have no children. Other interests include ZEUS (American football playcalling software), collecting American dinnerware (much of it made in the neighboring inferior state!), woodworking, antiquing, and watching both golf and auto racing on TV. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.