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I first learned how to play this game at the Last Exit Coffeehouse in Seattle, Wa in the mid eighties. I got fairly good. I quit in the early nineties, because I felt bad about taking money from players who could not easily afford to lose it. Then from the years 2008 til 2012 I underwent various forms of cancer treatment. Chemo, radiation, name it. I had nothing to do, so I downloaded Gnu and started to play. I also contacted Bill Phipps to get his opinion on the 'new' game of backgammon. I played in a few minor tournaments in Seattle, winning some of them, and placing in most of them. Then I lost interest...recently, I heard of a tournament in Colorado and entered on a whim. Being that it was my first major tournament, I could have entered the beginners section, but instead opted for the open, and won -going undefeated -without even having reached a Crawford game. Since then I entered and won a minor tournament. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.