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i've been a pool player for over 30 years, lived in Vegas for 20 year-in LA now. Like to play backgammon-played for a few years. Since my my health is making pool more difficult to play, i'm spending more time on backgammon. I'm 46 so I was a kid in the "Golden Era" of video game arcades, and pin ball before that.

The games kid, the games.......

Don't play poker, because I don't like card rooms.

My typing and spelling are horrible, please forgive me for that-I do my best. the content of what i say will overshadow the poor spelling/grammar.

Eric Petersen is my proper name, "Fatboy" is a nickname that was pinned on me in 86 at the pool room, I take no offence to being called Fatboy or Eric-In pool having a nickname is BIG-especially when your not a pro. I am 185 cm tall(6'1") and weigh 240-245. I play good pool but to be a pro you have to be born with a gift. I was not born with that gift, I play solid pool. I'm a money player no tourneys for me. With backgammon that could change.

that's a brief summery of me in the "Game" world, I like to go to the gym as well.

Kindest regards

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