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I am a La Jolla shores resident and an artist in oils & mixed media. Every once in a while I will play in a Backgammon tournament in a far off land and out of those times, I will occasionally get lucky. I hold an annual tournament at my house in La Jolla called The Vietor Cup continuing my father's tradition, usually around the third weekend of September. We try to get 28 people as it is the best amount for the swiss movement format. I try and create a really good event and vary the food choices for lunch. It gets tiring having Greek lemon chicken everytime so I might kick in some ribs from Lightning Jack's in Clairemont. anyway, I have been very busy with the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival creating more and more artwork. I always get really excited showing off my artwork on my studio and playing my Brazilian music on reel-to-reel. I will have to air out my studio with some Fabreze to get rid of the toxic turpentine smell before September. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.