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I play with playername ryotaro on several sites.Gammon site/p65+gammon empire and BGroom. Ryotaro in some variation is my playingname else where too .At p65/gammon empire in fun money mode I am considered one of the best , and probably the best. Also on those other 2 sites I have very good rankings. Unfortunately it means very little, an online ranking, and off course the absence of great players. Plus in the end pr is the only ranking/rating that counts. I work hard to do so and it is slowly but surely paying off now. But still much to learn off course.

Influenced and learned a lot from Phil( Simborg) Perry ( Gartner)and lately Stick every week now. I took and take manny lessons from them and am able to play real sharp pr's lately.

In my home country I also learned and heard a lot from Jeroen Sikkema. But Stick tops them all. I can speak from my own experience. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.