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A long time TD (tournament director), 30 years in the Los Angeles area; two weekly tournaments and two ABT events (LOS ANGELES OPEN & CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP) plus the VIETOR CUP each year. Low-end "championship level player". Married 42 years, retired from health-care information technology.

Two kids, four grandkids. My handle is MFIC (the Mother-??-In-Charge) and I run a tight ship in our Gammon Associates group events. 90-102 weeklies each year, the two ABT events and the Vietor CUP. I have been asked if I get extra pay for "babysitting" duties required at our tournaments. With the many personalities and intensity of the players, the answer is YES I do the job, but no extra pay. Key goal is fairness and "CONSISTENCY" in rules, rulings, procedures and solutions. ___patrick gibson (the MFIC) Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.