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Neal Weiner Founder of the PRO Backgammon Team.

PRO Team History The PRO Team was founded in October of 2003 by me, PRO_Cinamy (Neal). The Team quickly grew in popularity and at one time had as many as 150 members. Originally, while playing on the zone, I can remember having as many 5 teams on team night. Like anything new, on-the-job experience may be our best teacher, learning through trial and error, The Team adopted the motto "DO THE RIGHT THING" which has stuck. Although management has dropped the ball a few times, one of us has always picked the other up. With a team this size we quickly learned that pleasing everyone is impossible. Actually it has not been until recently that we have found a comfort zone and recognized who we want on this team, going forward both as players and as management.

We hold more ICCL Championships than any other club, including last year's 2009 win in an amazing comeback after losing our first 3 challenges. We have had many accomplishments as a team and individually. Each year PRO seems to be better than the last. This year the PRO team featured two Teams to make it to Tandems top 8. We selected these players from the core of our team and did unbelievably well against what the Backgammon world calls the elite of the game.

You will usually see me calling our team the World Champion PRO Team. I imagine I will always continue to do this. This team is amazing in many ways. We are unique in our support of one another. We are terrific friends who do not quit when the chips are down. Many in the backgammon world measure success on ratings. While we have that too (we are at the top of many standings), if you measure success on character and strength of reference, then this team is second to none. I know many in the backgammon world personally. I have taught some and been a Captain to over possibly 500 players. Many teams have spun off from us. Some have thrived and some have failed. Without reservation PRO today is a CLASS ACT and World Champs, win or lose.

We remember our loved ones PRO_Mas , PRO_Suzzen, and PRO_IamCin, who are no longer with us. Special Thanks to Captains on Temporary leave PRO_Chi (Jodi) and PRO_Dakman (Kevin). It is Jodi's banner that stays affixed the PRO homepage as a dedication to her hard work.

So on behalf of Director Jesse (PRO_Flyerfan2), Captains Diane (PRO_Wizgirl), Ron (PRO_TS_Redneck), PRO_AviFrelafani (Avi), PRO_Taylorann (Leyla), myself and the rest of our wonderful PRO Team, we thank all of you for making our Backgammon world special and wish you all the very best.


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