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I use XG exclusively. I'm the person behind most of XG's opening book. I also did the XGR++ rollouts of 21 & 41 openers for money. Each took about four months on a fast 4 core machine.

I am the author of Mapping the Opening Rolls in Backgammon: A New Visual Strategy. Visit and download a free sample. (About 90% of the book) This pdf book also contains the equities and match winnng chances of all the rollouts for all the scores in a 7 point match plus money games.

I currently have two fast computers (a 4 core and 6 core) for doing opening roll and second move research. Having finished opening rolls, I have moved onto second rolls at all scores in a 7pt match. The classic four scores having been already rolled out.

A technical note about my rollouts. I use 3ply move and 4ply cube with a Dice Seed of 58918962 for all my rollouts. The 3ply move is just about speed and reasonable accuracy. 4ply moves will have to wait for much faster rigs. The 4ply cube is slightly more accurate esp. at 2 away scores. The dice seed is kept the same for consistency, but there isn't anything special about one number over another. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.