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52 years young. Serious BG player most of 1978-1997

I've been married for fourteen years. My wife and our adult kids and I have lived in Costa Rica at this point for nearly three years.

I was considered one of the top few for the last several years I played. Although I took home more seconds than firsts in tournaments, I think it's been shown that was pretty random - other than a clock meltdown in Dallas and a blunder in a late round of MCarlo, I played strong for the day. Relative to the package of challenges in money play, it's fair to say that was my greater strength.

Unless I'm largely retired from business, I'm unlikely to return to the game. When I do, I think it would be to attend a major tournament once a year and, for the challenge of it - play head's-up money sessions versus a few of this era's studs! (I guess I should buy XG or some program before I do, huh?) For now, just the challenge of taking Stick's quizzes is good enough. I wish the game itself featured tough choices more routinely, don't many of you?

The game has been great to me and for me. On top of the aesthetic beauty of BG which drew me in at age 17 was that exquisite combination of luck and skill. I have been so fortunate to meet my wife, many good friends and my two business partners through backgammon. As well, I owe a great deal of my confidence to my eventual success in the game. Forums is maintained by Stick with WebBBS 5.12.