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GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(Michel petch)

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Monday, 23 January 2012, at 5:49 p.m.

In Response To: GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(very long) (Bill Riles)

Good that there are people who are awake and can think not blindly repeat same shits from 100 years.
If i wanted to promote someone i will start with myself. Why bill did not u say anything on the post of Paul, David, Stick and etc, cause this question is not raiseD ORIGINALLY by me.
My real idea was really to help people like u! I know there is people who appreciate my work but unfortunately they know how to vote, but majority who does not and who vote for their clubmates and don't even know of the existance of player like Sander know only one thing " Ballard should be number 1!" but why and for what reason they don\t know, they are teached this way and it will always be this way for them. AGAIN I DON'T MIND HIM!!!I JUST WANT REAL LIST, IF HIM OR TARDIEU COME BACK TO BG I WILL BE THE MOST HAPPIEST PERSON, I ENJOY SEEING ALL THIS GREAT NAMES IN DRAWSHEETS"

I don't mind seeing all your critics people cause i know that all of u know deep inside that i'm right and u are jelous of my courage to write whatever i want and u never can do it.
I already received tons of thanks mails so i know there are people outside who have brains, so u don't need to tell me if i promote someone or not.I do this for people like u and if u don't appreciate it it is OK. People like Falafel , Mochy and Stick don't need it they know how to vote, they can realize who is overrated or not, they are well travelled and met all contendors

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