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GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(very long)

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Monday, 23 January 2012, at 7:00 p.m.

In Response To: GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(very long) (Michael Petch)

I decided to read the majority of Bill's posts from September 2009 and April 2010. So that is why there is a delay in responding. At no point on this forum) that I could find - did Bill SPECIFICALLY name anyone and challenge their ethics and morality. The closest I got was this post:


What is interesting is that the top of this post is actually a campaign for Bill's own list of players in 2009. He doesn't provide much of an explanation either for his choice (Unlike Iancho who appeared to actually spend some time on his). At the bottom of Bill's post he does make a generalized statement about how he feels about campaigning. Yet that is exactly what Bill did in his own post, and what Iancho is being criticized by.

Nothing has really changed about how the list was done in 2009 and compared with now, so what applies then still applies now (It is a subjective popularity list). If I follow Bill's logic he is also immoral and unethical but he is also being hypocritical by telling people what they shouldn't do, yet he has done the same thing.

Bill should not be criticizing the players for doing something he himself has done. Rather than question other people's moral and ethical conduct, I recommend he expend that energy to get the Giant' s list changed or create a new list. He may already be doing this but it doesn't matter - the 2011 Giants List is pretty much unchanged in how it is done.

If I were Bill (Which I am not) I'd be openly questioning Yamin Yamin and the List's committee over the way the list is run and put together. I don't believe the list is anything more than a subjective popularity contest, and to that end I have no issue with Yamin Yamin, or people creating lists of people they would consider.

This is excatly what i mean-all of them are same, brushing someone in his face than talking behind his back. And they all gave their list suggestions without any back up and sense but they are all against me cause i provide data and choice, and of course i'm the bad one cause i speak the reaillity and some does not like it.
It is true Giants List have some flaws and this is why i posted this beacuse i care to change it-before 2 years i suggested that point system should be changed, cause now 1st in every ballot get 32 pts, second 31 and 32-nd get 1 point, for me this is wrong, beacuse someone could be number 1 in friends ballot and get 32 pts, for example i'm best friend of Bill i don't play anywhere but i get 32 pts and for Example Stick appeas in 10 ballots but between 25 and 32 places, he could be behind me in the overall standings, this is sick. But since there is comite and they dicide i don't say anything anymore so i decided to concentrate on what we can change- getting more people voting and helping those who have no idea about what is going on outside their state"
I can also says something as Bill said: People who never attended international event should not be allowed to vote, cause this in meaning for europeans, but americans can vote played only in one ABT event in their state, but in Europe tournament directors with reputation as Julie were not allowed to vote". For Sure her vote mean much more then 50% of all of u who does not know where Paris is and think it is in Texas. So giving stupid suggestions of excluding any promotion made by me in people's vote is ridicilous-then people should not vote for Neil,Falafel, Stcik and Mochy-GREAT IDEA BILL!!!bUT I GUESS VOTING from only international players will REALLY HELP!

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