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GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(Michel petch)

Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Monday, 23 January 2012, at 7:08 p.m.

In Response To: GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(Michel petch) (Iancho Hristov)

Iancho, I will excuse the ignorance of your youth ... and your many other negative attributes. I will also, as is not my custom, bite my tongue and not berate you as you deserve.

Facetiously (I feel I have to note my intent in conversing with you), I'm sure EVERYONE appreciates your efforts to teach others to vote when they are so stupid as to not to vote for your favorites. "..... they know how to vote, but majority who does not ....". That arrogant, ignorant statement only confirms my original objection to your post. The Giants system and ballot are not perfect, a perfect system in the fragmented world of international backgammon probably does not exist. However, the Committee does, in my understanding, attempt to screen voters and limit voting to qualified, experienced, knowledgeable players and directors. Apparently, you would like to be charge of voter qualification.

I attend a considerable number of ABT events each year (as many as 13 in 2009, as I recall), I played a couple of years in Europe, and I follow the game of backgammon -- domestically and internationally -- quite closely. I am confident no one could find reasonable objection to my 2009 Giants ballot -- including nine international players in the top fifteen. I likely even looked at some of your data as one source of information.

"I don't mind seeing all your critics people cause i know that all of u know deep inside that i'm right and u are jelous of my courage to write whatever i want and u never can do it."

LMAO. Deep inside I know you are an impetuous, arrogant, snot-nose kid -- oops, I said I was going to bite my tongue. My bad. I find it most amusing that you consider me, the king of forum candor, jealous of your courage to write whatever you want and feel that I can never do it. You must not pay as close attention to the game and to the forum as you would like others to believe.

Iancho, there is most likely nothing you can do, probably in any arena, to help most of those participating, at a relatively high level, in this forum or in the game of backgammon. I regard you, at best, as a hanger-on or a groupie, trying to find an entry niche in a community you are ill-equipped to join.

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