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Exploiting your opponent's weaknesses

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Thursday, 26 January 2012, at 11:57 a.m.

In Response To: Exploiting your opponent's weaknesses (Stick)

but seriously straight on the question David pointed out are u sure from watching Nack's one match u will figure out weakness and exploit it for example in the very next round if u draw him?
Also if i give any of the guys here database of not 1 but 10 matches of David Wells (of course if he allows me), are u willing to study them and then accept his challenge cause u detected already his weakness?I guess this was the idea of his post not if in general someone can spot weakness it is obvious that from LARGE database u can but it is not obvious that in one match u eventually play this guy u will be able to find moment to exploit his weakness.>br> So What i mean to test this that everybody claim that u can exploit weakness to even 2.5 guy from watching him play one match, i suggest someone take david's challenge to play him, he is not that great as 2.5, mostly like 3.5-3.8 so u will even have to do much better then against someone as Nack. But then the interesting part, the guy who challenge him will have for example 10 days to study his games, but when he play him this 1 match he will have to bet everytime when he says for example that " he adjusted" cause David have tandency of taking too much in blitzes or so.If u are adjustment is logical and force david to make mistake u win, if not David win the bet. U Can make however matches u want, let's see how many adjustments u will be able to make?! Let's see who gonna accept when everybody blindly is saying yes u can adjust against 2.5 guy. I bet from one match seeing of this guy in tourney u can't, even from 10 is tough, maybe u will figure out clear weakness but if u will be able to exploit in 1 match...i doubt..

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