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SURVEY - Q2: Subscription Fees

Posted By: mamabear
Date: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, at 8:32 p.m.

In Response To: SURVEY - Q2: Subscription Fees (Mr Majestyk)

While admitting to being bemused about the meaning of some of these, I can answer others:

Market/Advertising - 5. I think the word currently does get out, especially because of CJC's "Mark Your Calendar" page, useful to both current players and newbies, and most directors having a table of brochures at the tourneys they run.

Computerised Formats - 1. I like the transparency of an old-fashioned public draw, even if nobody watches it! Maybe because I go back far enough to remember why it was instituted in the first place.

Backgammon Prizes - Not sure what is meant. If I pay more for there to be more prize money, isn't that a wash?

Gala Dinners - 1. If I care to attend one, I don't mind paying a fee commensurate with what it cost per plate to put it on. I don't feel any need to have other players that don't attend it, subsidize me doing so.

Lower Entry Fees - Again a say what? How can my paying more money create lower entry fees?

Higher Entry Fees - I don't usually kick much about entry fees, within reason. I will not be attending the Playboy Million without substantial backing. But if a director who formerly charged $300, bumped to $350, I'd cough it up and not complain about it. I am willing to assume that the director has a better feel for both what he needs to charge, and what the market will bear, than I do.

Lectures - Not sure. I am willing to pay a small fee to attend a lecture, if it is not available for free. However, I am also willing to have part of the rake I pay go to cover it.

Lower Hotel Fees - 1. I'd rather pay even a bit more than I do for the hotel, than chintz about five bucks and settle for a lesser hotel. And an aside that relates more to an earlier thread: If I want to see the city the tourney is in, I'd rather go a day or two early or stay a day or two afterward, than have any time built into the tourney schedule for sightseeing. When I go to a tourney, it's to play backgammon!

Ranking System - 5. I think what we have is adequate (USBGF and ABT, and elsewhere the WBF and various national points systems) but if any of the above wanted to charge a small fee, I would pay it.

Trophies - 1. Eliminate finalist trophies. Who wants a piece of hardware on the mantelpiece (assuming anyone still has one) that says they are second best at something? The savings can be put into better first place trophies, or just reabsorbed into the system to pay for other stuff.

Match recording Equipment - 1. No way! There are quite a few players who hate having their matches recorded, and they are going to barf bigtime at the idea of paying someone to do it, or enabling it. Though I have no objections to recording (What I did, I did, whether anyone saw it or not) I will side with the non-enablers on this one.

Lower Registration Fees - Again, not sure what this means. But another thing in conclusion: I would happily pay a registration fee compensating the director for whatever they expected to make per player from their 10 percent cut of the Calcutta, if they would eliminate it. Calcuttas are questionable legally, and kill time that could have been spent playing. Substitute a much faster opening ceremony, perhaps handing out some donated door prizes, and then on with the main show!

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