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Should all tournaments be "open to all" and "fair"?

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Thursday, 7 June 2012, at 11:10 p.m.

In Response To: Should all tournaments be "open to all" and "fair"? (Stick)

Stick, I selected golf instead of tennis on purpose, because the volatility of that game is bigger. And because the US Masters, British Open, etc. all have amateur players included in a format that requires so much more for them to win, than the pros.

And the chess comparison was for another reason. You are correct in stating that it wouldn't hurt the best players chances to win, if they were to go through say 30 games of qualifiers before they were ready for the final stages. But I'm 100% positive that you wouldn't get all the pros to participate in such a tournament and put in the time needed to beat say 5000 amateur players out of the field, before things got interesting.

That was exactly one of the challenges we were faced with in the Danish Championships of backgammon. We didn't want a championship where all the best players didn't enter because of the format, just to get some journeyman to win a title that no one would accept as the "true" Danish Championship.

I guess the WC in Monaco suffers a bit from the same problem. There might be a lot of entries from players that have the money, but there's also missing a lot of the GIANTs each year? Are you the true World Champion if you didn't have to face Kazaross, Bredahl, Gronbech, MCG, Wells, Kristensen, Lylloff or that guy Jacob Stuck?

As for poker, it's another game all together. WSOP has an entry fee of $10K and the more fish, the more interesting for the pros. The simply format of poker tournaments make it possible to include everyone on even terms, to the benefit of the best. Still you have to cough up $10K to play, or come in via qualifiers making your path longer... That's about the same as Nordic Open or Monte Carlo, because you have the high entry open for all format, and then half/quarter or satellites for people who would like a shot for less money. Works fine! But not for an amateur federations national championship!

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