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minimum wage

Posted By: Jake Jacobs
Date: Thursday, 28 June 2012, at 3:19 a.m.

In Response To: minimum wage (Christian Plenz)

There is a difference between chouette and heads up play, of course, and the potential points per hour is greater heads up. That is because if one player goes on tilt, there is only one possible beneficiary. Whereas in a chouette, the flow might be into otherwise undeserving pockets. Indeed, the player tilting might drag you down with him.

Packed away in storage I have small notebooks from the 1990s filled with indecipherable scratching, but I can tell you this. In the early nineties I played in chouettes where I was not just the best player, I was by far the best player. There were occasional guest appearances by other very strong players, but week in and week out I owned the game. It is hard to give a meaningful error rate differential. These chouettes often had 8-12 players. On a tough night two to three would have been around 50-150 ELO weaker, but two or three around 300-500 ELO weaker, the rest in the middle. This ignores cube blunders, which from my point of view were the best part of the game. I played about 1000 hours a year in that chouette, and we played roughly ten games per hour, so over the course of a year we were getting into the long run. My best year I averaged 2.5 points per hour.

I've played individuals in heads up sessions who were giving up double digits every hour. (I had an opponent in Vegas thirty years ago who used to drop one hundred points to me every Sunday night.) Some of the players in the Chicago chouette would do just that heads up. (One used to manage to lose fifty every session in the chouette, no matter how lucky is was in the early going.) But when it came to chouettes, my best year I won 2.5 points an hour.

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