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Characteristics of Games

Posted By: Daniel Murphy
Date: Sunday, 30 September 2012, at 5:34 a.m.

In Response To: Characteristics of Games (Timothy Chow)

Now I'm confused. Maybe I wasn't clear.

You implied that you don't think the Jacoby rule was introduced to speed up the game, and you said the Jacoby rule has little effect on game length in rollouts. Ok --

But I'm claiming -- not claiming, but my hypothesis would be -- that with human players of less than sterling ability, the Jacoby Rule does shorten average game length. Did you mean to agree with me?

I'm slightly confused because I thought you were one of the people who made this observation, here for example. But anyway, if rollouts with Jacoby were noticeably faster than those without, I'm sure somebody would have reported this by now.

At the link, I said my rollouts showed little difference in the frequency of doubles, takes and passes, with or without Jacoby. But I didn't count rolls per game. Asking now, I was asking specifically for game length data. But a time test would work, I suppose -- for bot vs bot data.

It occurs to me that Jacoby sometimes makes games longer, not shorter. It cuts down on missed-double play-ons. But sometimes, if it prompts an earlier double (correctly or not), that could mean a longer game, instead of a double/pass soon after. I think, though, that with average players, the first effect is a lot larger than the other.

It might interesting to program a bot to simulate a late doubler. For instance, a bot that never doubles on the first correct double/take. Or a bot that never doubles a double/take unless double/take equity is, say, 0.200 or more than no- double equity.

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