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Clock settings - sound and alarm?

Posted By: Michael Nielsen
Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2012, at 7:26 a.m.

In Response To: Clock settings - sound and alarm? (Henrik Bukkjaer)

You're supposed to use the clock in this manner, yes. The chess clock rules are specifically written with this in mind:

OK, that is surprising to me. The DBgF rules doesn't address it specifically, but it does state, that when the clock reaches zero for one of the players, that you should stop the clock and call a director. That wording does seem to indicate to me, that it's the responsibility of both players to do this, and that if a TD is watching he is supposed to intervene. I would also expect a spectator watching to get hold of the TD if he witnessed this happen.

5) A chess TD is specifically NOT allowed to call to a players attention, if his opponent has moved (without him noticing), or if he has forgotten to hit the plunger after moving himself. In both cases the players time is running, but the player is not aware of this.

When I was younger, I did play chess for a short while. It used to be completely standard for me, when my opponent forgot to hit the plunger, to just sit there and pretend to think (no matter how obvious the move was). I now think this behaviour was very unethical.

He would then have an unsportsmanlike advantage, simply claiming he didn't notice!

This is a similar argument, that people have against legal moves. There are many ways for dishonest people to cheat or to attempt to cheat. Admittedly this is one where they would be able to get away with it without repercussions.

However, with a large red blinking light on the clock, I don't see how either player could keep being unaware, that time has run out.

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