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Playing to wrong match length

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2012, at 4:45 p.m.

In Response To: Playing to wrong match length (Tom Keith)

In all cases, the TD shall determine what is most fair given the score and the situation, as well as any time consideration for holding up the tournament etc.

However, it is my opinion that if two players start a match to 5 and it should have been 7, and they complete the match, the match should be over. All cube action and checker play was predicated on a 5 point match and the contest would not be fair to continue. The players, however, might be penalized by the tournament director for not following the rules and might receive a 1 point penalty or something in their next match, or maybe a warning that the next time it will be penalized. If it can be determined that the players intentionally broke the rules, then sterner action should be taken.

If the players or the TD catches the error while the match is in progress, again, I would leave it to the TD to decide if it is fairer to a) finish to the wrong score; b) finish to the correct score; or c) start the entire match over. Any of those three choices might be fairest depending on the score and cube action and position on the board. My "default" would be to have them finish to the wrong score, as that would give the fairest result. However, if the players were playing to a longer score than has been set, and their match is holding up the event or the next round, I would give stronger consideration to shortening the match or even declaring it over if one player had already reached the shorter score. If either player is unhappy with this, too bad, as it was both their responsibility to make sure they were playing to the correct score.

Now, sometimes the TD is at fault if he does not have the score posted on the draw sheet, and that is why our TD responsibilities require this as well.

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