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Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Wednesday, 28 November 2012, at 1:39 a.m.

In Response To: Tournament Rules and Guidelines (Daniel Murphy)

Daniel, I'd prefer the entire quote, since it also mentions:

- USBgF's lack of authority at the time, and subsequent challenge in changing the rules, and Phil has now proceeded personally without even the support of USBgF it seems.
- Writing a separate "guide" to the rules (which I think is a GREAT idea), but now Phil mixed up the guide and the rules in one document (which I think is not so clever).
- The need for a set of rules for clocks (integrated rules as I read it), and now his proposed document doesn't have such rules (but they will be attached upon world wide approval).

So here's the entire quote:


[...]However, we have a couple of problems:

1. The world group just revised their rules, and we should take a careful look at those and see if there is any good reason why we should NOT use those same rules. It would be far better for the game if we all used the same rules. If we see rules there which we really don't like and would like to see changed, working with Steen, Chiva, and the others involved, let's see if we can make the changes there.
2. Rich and others have pointed out that until we have membership, our "authority" to make rule changes would be highly suspect. We have no true authority over anyone yet...no tournaments that we sanction and no players that are members of our organization. There is NO QUESTION that EVERY SINGLE RULE CHANGE we propose will be objected to by some players.....it is absolutely impossible to get agreement on these things, and even if our new rule is a great improvement, it will be resented by many simply because it is new and simply because they question our authority. So as much as I would love to see some rule changes, I really think the best we can do right now is go along with the WBF and other groups and try to influence change through them.
3. I do think, however, we can produce a Guide that explains the rules and their application better; we can submit a Standards of Ethical Practice that brings to the forefront the much needed values of good sportsmanship and ethics; and we can present some basic guidelines for tournament directors with minimum standards we would expect to be provided. In addition, why not a set of guidelines for spectators? (I have attached a draft of this by the way).
4. I do like having a set of rules for clocks, but I believe that is already incorporated into the WBF rules, but we can also add Pat Gibson's guide to be applied as well. Phil

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