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Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Saturday, 1 December 2012, at 2:00 p.m.

In Response To: Tournament Rules and Guidelines (Henrik Bukkjaer)

Thank you for taking the time to express your views on the issues. We agree on the big picture completely and we disagree on several of the details, but it is ONLY the big picture which is important at this time. I really don't care if there is a single, concise document with the rules and another that is a guide with explanations and standards or if it is all in one. I don't believe it matters if the clock rules are separate in an attached document (which was our intent but we didn't include it in this draft because we didn't want to get into debates on exactly how those rules should be written), or if the Standards are in a separate, attached document or not. We honestly don't care if the on-checker or off checker rule is adopted, or if Legal Moves or Non-Legal moves is adopted, though we, and most people who we worked with, and our committee of three prefers on checker and prefers Legal Moves.

We didn't think it would matter for us to give a lengthy explanation as to who we are, how much time and effort we put in, who we consulted with, and why we chose to do it independently, as we had hoped that people would simply focus on the quality of the overall idea and the wording and go from there. What process you and the rest of the world uses to adopt international rules and how much of our suggestions are accepted and used or changed or rejected is completely up to you and the other leaders...we did not presume to tell you how to do this. We do not have, nor ever expected to have any "authority" of any kind in this matter. We are simply three concerned players who decided it would be helpful to make recommendations and present them to the world to do with as they please. We did not want to impose our rules or policies on anyone. We had hoped, as you have expressed above (finally) that you will read the document and use what you think is helpful and an improvement, and discard what you don't like. And we had hoped you would find a way to do this in cooperation with other federations so we could work toward some universal agreements not only on the rules, but on guidelines for good sportsmanship and for general responsibilities.

We posted it here for anyone to take, copy, amend, and use as they see fit. We have not made a "formal" presentation to anyone, to your group or to the USBGF.

And I have no desire to go into detail as to why we determined we could do our work more effectively and efficiently as private citizens instead of through the USBGF or another organization--we have no desire to air politics or concerns or get into negative feelings that are pretty much history and does not reflect are tremendous admiration and support of the current leadership of the USBGF including Perry, Karen, and the entire board of directors.

Please forget about us and the source--we have no ego to have our names on any documents, and we know we have no right to tell you or anyone what to do. We only offer ideas and suggestions and hope you will move forward positively.

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