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New tournament format

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Friday, 7 June 2013, at 2:55 p.m.

In Response To: New tournament format (Mochy)

I really like the concept and I am always open to new and different approaches. I think Koca's comments and concerns are valid and I particularly agree that I would be much more comfortable with a scoring system that does not take into account the points scored in a match. Match play just doesn't lend itself to this kind of strategy.

I am also a major proponent of clocks and in this format, if I wanted to be sure to get in a lot of matches, I would be very irritated if I met a slow player, and I do believe that one or two slow players in a bracket could hurt the format. There might also be some kind of advantage in purposely playing very, very slow if you are getting toward the later rounds and you have a good record, just to keep others from getting in enough matches to catch up.

I also believe there should be some restrictions on how many times you can play a single opponent...probably 2 max, otherwise you can find a weak opponent and really beat up on him, and also, there is a potential for collusion if one player has a really poor record and decided to lose a few matches to his buddy.

I think this would be a fantastic format for a speed gammon or DMP tournament in particular, and I would love to see it done as a side event.

I have also suggested, for many years, that the "last chance" at major tournaments be something other than straight backgammon matches, for variety and fun. Why not do this for the last chance, either with 5 point matches or with speed gammon, DMP or 2-point mini-matches. That way we can get used to the format and give it a try before jumping in and doing an entire tournament this way.

I also think the idea could be improved if there is a large results sheet posted to record wins and losses, so that everyone can see how things are progressing and who is leading, and it might be a requirement that instead of a full round robin, at some point all the leaders will be required to play each other.

Again, I think it's great to see new ideas and different approaches to compete as that makes tournaments more interesting, and I would love to try something like this, incorporating Bob's and my suggestions.

I think we are clearly seeing, at least in the US, some real trends developing. And while not everyone agrees, many strongly prefer clocks; strongly prefer legal moves; strongly prefer a competition that doesn't completely knock you out of the running just because of one loss; strongly prefer competitions where you are guaranteed to play many matches; and strongly prefer interesting and fun side events like DMP, speed gammon, dual-duel and PR-based competitions, playing from scores like 2away/4away etc.

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