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Nactations of 65R-54

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Sunday, 16 June 2013, at 6:04 p.m.

In Response To: Nactation (David Rockwell)

2O ' ' ' '5X '3X ' ' '5O

1X ' ' ' '5O '3O ' ' '6X
Position ID: 4HPwAyDgc/ABMA Match ID: cIkSAAAAAAAA

Your Nactation is spot on, David.

In the O (Outer) family, you have both O and o correct. The upper case letter goes to 13/4 rather than 13/9 8/3 because a blot on the 4pt is closer the the 6pt than one on the 3pt.

Like both you and Stick, my preference is not to use the O (Outer) family at all for 13/4. I prefer the more descriptive 54$ (Slot).

The best backgammon play, of course, is S (Split) = Z (Reverse split) = 24/20 13/8.

Here is a partial reprint from my preceding post:


Back in 2011, Nack changed the meaning of I. The original definition, given in the 1st Edition of the Nactation Tutorial states, “I stands for In. This refers to bringing a checker into or playing it inside (within) one’s own inner board.” By this definition, Daniel’s usage is correct.

In the upcoming 2nd Edition, however, I (In) is replaced by I (Inside). The meaning was first explained in Nack’s post from 2011, wherein he writes, “I (Inside) plays (both or) all four portions entirely within the inner board.” According to the new definition, I (Inside) cannot be used for 13/4.

The correct arial (i.e., area-based) family for 13/4 is O (Outer). In the O (Outer) family, half the move is played down (to a destination in the outer board), and the other half is played out of the outer board (by jumping over the bar into the inner board). For a non-doublet, the ratios Far:Down:Jump:Inside = 0:1:1:0.

Alternatively, the $% (Slot/Alternate slot) style family can be used for 13/4. Moving 8/4 makes the slot, and the remaining die is played down 13/8.


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