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An argument for touch move?

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2013, at 1:20 p.m.

In Response To: An argument for touch move? (Art Grater)

Ed and I are both honest guys. We are friends. We have both been playing many years and are relatively good players. And we both got confused about where the checkers were because of the way Ed was moving the checkers and because the current rules allowed him to move the checkers as he did.

If this doesn't illustrate, clearly, that the rules need to be improved, I don't know what it takes to make that point. But still, there are those who claim "There is nothing wrong with the rules."

And this is only one of at least a dozen rules that we currently have that can lead to problems...problems between two well-meaning, honest players, let alone problem if someone might not be quite so honest.

Why aren't more people, around the world, going to their Federations and their tournament directors and leaders of the game and screaming for common sense and acknowledgement that:

1) The rules need to be improved...it is broke, so fix it!

2) The rules need to be standardized world-wide so that we have a game that is consistent when you go from Illinois to Nevada to Denmark to Japan and elsewhere.

Jeb and Chuck and I did not intend to "push" our rules on the world...all we wanted to do is show that there is a better approach. That the rules can be written better to eliminate ambiguity and to make the game friendlier and fairer and a better game to play and watch. Now, it's up to all of you here to make some noise and push the leaders of the game to take some initiative and do something about this.

It's great to see so many on this forum offer great ideas and suggestions and state their opinions about what is wrong with the existing rules and with the rules we proposed, as that proves we are not alone in thinking that we need to see things improved. Now, please take the next step and make your feelings known to those people who can do something about it and have been dragging their feet or doing nothing for the past 25 years since I, and others, started complaining about these very same issues.

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