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A chess tournament -- entry fees and prizes

Posted By: Matt Cohn-Geier
Date: Sunday, 23 June 2013, at 7:58 p.m.

In Response To: A chess tournament -- entry fees and prizes (Phil Simborg)

I do think backgammon should treat its top players better. But it should treat its average and below-average players better, also.

When that happens, I think we will also be able to prove what most of us are pretty sure is true: that the better players have a huge equity advantage over worse players. That someone who enters to Open Division who plays at 3 PR is getting a lot more bang for their buck than someone with a 6PR average.

It would take a massive amount of data to come to any real conclusions. It could take decades to collect. If you want to attempt to prove that assertion, do it mathematically.

As for the top players, multiple side pools and super-masters events and Giants events etc. will continue to attract them, and if we increase the total attendance by attracting more players, that will also increase their equity in the main even EVEN IF we pay more places (because the total pool is larger and because even the best players come in 4th or 8th quite often).

Honestly, the main reason I go to most tournaments is to support the tournament, the tournament director, and backgammon in general. The secondary reason is to socialize and interact with other players who will be at the tournament. I think about ROI last, because it usually isn't good.

I see a lot of clamoring for more matches between top players, more elite events, etc., but these elite events are generally not incredibly attractive.

If you want to make such events more attractive, one thing to do is have more players. That is kind of a catch-22. If you're holding an event with a small number of players and high entry fees, added money/lower rakes/sponsorship/whatever wouldn't hurt.

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