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Sense of Perspective

Posted By: Colin Owen
Date: Saturday, 13 July 2013, at 9:43 p.m.

In Response To: These scoresheets ARE an aid and must be ILLEGAL (Rod)

Of course you are right that, as the rules currently stand, it is technically an aid to write down the away score - as it may help us, albeit very slightly - to doing calculations.

But it also seems to me to be a very efficient way of recording the score. Personally, I would be perfectly happy for it to be legal to use a scoreboard that showed the points that remain for each player, and for players to be able to write down the score in this way.

If you had someone with learning difficulties who was playing the game, and they weren't sure how many points each side needed to win, should they be allowed to be informed of this, other than before the start? I think so. They, nor anyone else, should be allowed to have a display that showed the pip count, use a calculator, consult MET's and so on. But how many points we, or our opponent, need to win is just intrinsic to the game, match or contest. Should we stop track officials from ringing a bell when runners have a lap to go? Or stop the referee declaring the possible out-shot in darts? Or not display the time remaining in a basketball or football game? Come to that... perhaps bg clocks should not actually display time remaining, but simply bleep and flash away if we misjudge things?!

We seem to be a game of real contradictions. We can't write the score to go, but we CAN move the chequers tentatively so that we don't have to visualise a possible play! And we all know the problems that can create between honest players, let alone giving the dishonest player another angle. It's a funny old game we play.

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