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Posted By: Stick
Date: Monday, 15 July 2013, at 3:34 p.m.

In Response To: BGO vs. RBG (Michael Petch)

I didn't take it personally but I didn't take it not personally either if I'm allowed to have it both ways. The reason I applied it personally is because I don't see much of the attitude you're referring to vis--vis posters on this site. I would hardly call Jim an 'active poster' that you're referring to since he has posted 6 times in the past year, two of those in this thread.

I also didn't find his post as overtly offensive as it seems you did. What I thought he was trying to express in short (though only he knows or can clarify) is the forums at BGO are vastly superior than (aesthetically, functionally, etc) at RGB and that many more people would benefit from Tim's posting here than at RGB. If he accidentally offended those second class bg citizens as you referred to them I don't think he meant it. It was, as stated, accidental and overly PC from my pov to take it in a bad way.

They also pointed out to me (I didn't really notice it until they pointed out) that often when you do post on R.G.B. it seems to be a condescending attitude, or a way to plug your own site.

I often plug my site at RGB because it hurts my face to visit RGB. I often don't post at RGB or post what are short condescending feel posts because I don't want to stay there long. I get straight to the point and it can come across (very) short. It is also a trolly atmosphere so with those sort of discussions more likely to come up my own posts reflect that. If my posts are so worthless (Next!) and condescending in general on RGB they can feel free to move me to an ignore list and not read here. I wouldn't want to make anyone suffer.

I remember the last posting Tim was involved in too. It's a shame if that's why he left.

Btw, there are such things as stupid questions. Anyone who claims differently is selling something. The other way it has been put is there is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid person, take your choice. I'm not implying that any bg related question is, I'm talking in the grand scheme of questions in the world.


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